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Refund Policy
In the unlikely event that the codes we provide fail to unlock a customer's mobile phone, will ask the customer to confirm that the details they provided when submitting the order are 100% correct. In the event that the customer confirms that the submitted details are 100% correct, reserves the right to seek further evidence to support the customers claim that the codes did not unlock their mobile phone. This may include the customer sending the mobile phone to for verification purposes or making a video recording containing images of the phone in question, the IMEI number on the sticker in the rear of the phone in question, the IMEI number displayed on the screen of the phone in question and the customer inserting an alternative SIM card and the resultant screen of the phone in question after it is switched on with the alternative SIM card inserted. These measures may seem a little extreme to most, however due to the electronic nature of our business, we have no other way to determine whether an unlock has been successful or not.

Order cancellations shall only be considered, if the order placed HAS NOT commenced processing. You can contact us with your order ID first to check if your order has been processed or not.

Unlock codes issued by us, for phones that turn out to be barred or blacklisted, are not eligible for refunds. A barred phone refers to a stolen mobile phone or a mobile phone that was reported ‘lost’ by the owner.

In the event that a refund is required, a refund shall be given after a deduction of 10% of the total refund amount towards card processing and handling expenses.
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